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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Crafty Bargains!

So, i've loved these name place settings for ages but when they are plain ive always thought they were so boring!! Last thing i want is for everything to be white in the marquee! White Marquee, white floor, white table cloths, white napkins....BLAND! That got me thinking! I love to be crafty, and i'm sure theres a way i can turn these

into something amazing!!

As its mothers day myself & my sister took my mum into Beverley! It was super cold and had just started to snow...but that didnt stop me from nipping into the works!!

£1.99 each for pink & purple glitter spray!
£1.00 for a bottle of paint! 
I've just had a dabble at some sponge paining, trying to mottle them into purple / pink tones to brighten them up and fit in with my summer theme! 

What other ideas should i try out for embellishing the name cards?

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