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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A little bit of patience...

So, Have you ever seen these hat peg lines at weddings before...

Which look bloody awful if i do say so myself!

I had a think...scratched my head & made a cuppa and realized i could spruce these up at a really low cost!

What i needed...
50 wooden pegs - TESCO £1.00
Silk flowers - BOYES 15p each
1 sheet of lovely paper -  from my mums shop FREE
PVA glue
and a steady hand!

So all in all if this works out, ive done it for literally next to nothing!

I started off by measuring a rough size in the paper. I put a thin layer of glue on the peg and carefully laid the paper on. I trimmed the gap where the metal squeezie bit of the peg goes. I left that to set for a minute or two whilst i made a cuppa :) 
 I then trimmed the excess off and gave a second coat of PVA, making sure i sealed the edges. You can do a third and final coat if you want too!
I then used my mini got glue gun to stick my flowers on! I don't like things to appear uniform so i make sure they are all different angles!

After a lot of steady cutting, a few layers of glue

How cute are they? What do you think? 
Stay I will be doing a giveaway for these pegs!

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