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Thursday, 21 March 2013

My quaint little church!

Had a little walk to the church today, and just as expected I still love it just as much! 

What do you think?

^^^ and thats my lovely mum!

So excited!

Crafty Bargains Part. 2

Hello! :)

Just a quick post to share my latest bargains with you all!

As you know I am home-making as much as I can for when i get married in August this year! I have a wander around wedding fares ..a peek in every single bride TV programme going...and then see what I can do myself!

So here are my latest bargains...

For some time I had been thinking about my table centre pieces! I knew I didn't want it all uniform and looking the same, I thought I wanted candelabras and candle sticks...however they just weren't in my skinny budget! Luckily my lovely mum has a beautiful vintage shop in our town called Nornabell's Yard and when I went to see her today she had a lovely surprise!

From in the old cottages she had found 9 vintage Jugs! I absolutely fell in love with them! They are all different! Different colours, designs and shapes and all uniquely beautiful! 
Im so so chuffed with them! Whats best is...they are absolutely free! So i've saved well over £150! I'm sure thats a £150 that i can spend else where...well not if i keep finding bargains like this!
My next stop was the charity shop! I always remember when i was a little girl spending so much time with my nan! She was, and still is, a jack of all trades! I used to tell her i wanted to be a bunner, a baker, a caker and a maker just like her!

I remember she used to have her hot glue gun out all the time, Decorating all sorts of things with tiny little flowers! She had been to the charity shop and spotted some little white flowers and thought I could use them somehow! (everyone is on the look out for bargains for me)
Anyway i went to the charity shop not expecting much, but when i got there i was totally amazed!

Seven boxes packed full of delicate little white flowers! They match the flowers on my tiny bridesmaid dresses perfectly so i snatched them up!

I've asked my nan if she will dust off her glue gun and have a crafty day making pomanders for me!
Will post pics!
and whats best...£6.00 for all 7 boxes!

So all in all its been quite a productive money saving day!
Lets see what tomorrow brings!

p.s. blimey I said a quick post...what happened there!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A little bit of patience...

So, Have you ever seen these hat peg lines at weddings before...

Which look bloody awful if i do say so myself!

I had a think...scratched my head & made a cuppa and realized i could spruce these up at a really low cost!

What i needed...
50 wooden pegs - TESCO £1.00
Silk flowers - BOYES 15p each
1 sheet of lovely paper -  from my mums shop FREE
PVA glue
and a steady hand!

So all in all if this works out, ive done it for literally next to nothing!

I started off by measuring a rough size in the paper. I put a thin layer of glue on the peg and carefully laid the paper on. I trimmed the gap where the metal squeezie bit of the peg goes. I left that to set for a minute or two whilst i made a cuppa :) 
 I then trimmed the excess off and gave a second coat of PVA, making sure i sealed the edges. You can do a third and final coat if you want too!
I then used my mini got glue gun to stick my flowers on! I don't like things to appear uniform so i make sure they are all different angles!

After a lot of steady cutting, a few layers of glue

How cute are they? What do you think? 
Stay I will be doing a giveaway for these pegs!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Crafty Bargains!

So, i've loved these name place settings for ages but when they are plain ive always thought they were so boring!! Last thing i want is for everything to be white in the marquee! White Marquee, white floor, white table cloths, white napkins....BLAND! That got me thinking! I love to be crafty, and i'm sure theres a way i can turn these

into something amazing!!

As its mothers day myself & my sister took my mum into Beverley! It was super cold and had just started to snow...but that didnt stop me from nipping into the works!!

£1.99 each for pink & purple glitter spray!
£1.00 for a bottle of paint! 
I've just had a dabble at some sponge paining, trying to mottle them into purple / pink tones to brighten them up and fit in with my summer theme! 

What other ideas should i try out for embellishing the name cards?

Monday, 4 March 2013

Our Favorite Baker!

Eeeek, So Excited!

There is a fabulous baker in our local area called sunshine bakery who we thankfully discovered over a year ago, and has since done all of our Birthday and anniversary cakes, including Gluten Free for my Sister including her delicious home made lemon curd!
Here are some of her amazing cakes

( Mine is the bunting cupcake bottom right! )

We are so excited that Nadine is able to do our wedding cake for us and so excited to get tasting! 

but the serious question is...

Ruffles or No Ruffles?

What do you think?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sew Sew Sew

Just before Christmas I pinched my mums Singer Sewing machine. I've never used a sewing machine before but thought I would have a dabble... surely it can't hurt..then I got hooked! I found it ready easy and simple to use and decided to make some Christmas Bunting to Decorate my house with, and also so sell in her shop! 

The bunting went down a treat and i loved it... Jordan on the other hand didn't! But after a while he finally gave in and Father Christmas brought me my own sewing machine on Christmas day! Yippee! My mum was pleased to have hers back!

I've kept the sewing going and now i'm in the middle of making tons of bunting to fill the inside of the marquee for our wedding! I tend to find lovely bits of material from anywhere! Charity shops, car boot sales and sometimes on Ebay! Cutting the triangle shape for bunting always leaves little scraps, so i turn these into cute little pin cushions!

I love it!
What do you think?

Our Country Venue

Thought i would give a little info on our perfect weddding Venue! 
We were so lucky with Jordan being from Goodmanham that we were able to get married at Goodmanham church. Uusually its really hard to get married ourside of your parish so we were so so chuffed! The Church is called 'All Hallows' and dates from around 1130 AD. I think its actually the oldest original church in Yorkshire! So as you can imagine its beautiful, both inside and out! :)

So we had the church arranged, that bit was easy reception however was more difficult! 
We are very limited in our town for wedding venues that aren't used by everyone! We have Cave Castle at South Cave, which is beautiful on the outside but dated inside! Plus i had my prom there...akward!

Then there is KP club which is a gorgeous Golf Club which hosts weddings! This venue has been completed to such a high standard and is fitted with all modern spec, but we were wanting a country feel so it just wasn't us! 

I was all googled out by the time i found Field day site hire...and when I saw the website i just couldn't believe it! They had all these amazing Country venues that were truly unique and beautiful...and whats more THEY WERE IN OUR AREA! I couldn't believe our luck! After looking at all different venues we eventually decided on Aldby Park in Buttercrambe. It is a beautiful 17th Century Manor house just 15 miles from us! What a little gem!

We are not in the midst of arranging a marquee to be on their front lawn, with the house as our back drop!
We can't Wait!!!!
What are your wedding venues like?
Do you like modern or country?