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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Crafty Bargains Part. 2

Hello! :)

Just a quick post to share my latest bargains with you all!

As you know I am home-making as much as I can for when i get married in August this year! I have a wander around wedding fares ..a peek in every single bride TV programme going...and then see what I can do myself!

So here are my latest bargains...

For some time I had been thinking about my table centre pieces! I knew I didn't want it all uniform and looking the same, I thought I wanted candelabras and candle sticks...however they just weren't in my skinny budget! Luckily my lovely mum has a beautiful vintage shop in our town called Nornabell's Yard and when I went to see her today she had a lovely surprise!

From in the old cottages she had found 9 vintage Jugs! I absolutely fell in love with them! They are all different! Different colours, designs and shapes and all uniquely beautiful! 
Im so so chuffed with them! Whats best is...they are absolutely free! So i've saved well over £150! I'm sure thats a £150 that i can spend else where...well not if i keep finding bargains like this!
My next stop was the charity shop! I always remember when i was a little girl spending so much time with my nan! She was, and still is, a jack of all trades! I used to tell her i wanted to be a bunner, a baker, a caker and a maker just like her!

I remember she used to have her hot glue gun out all the time, Decorating all sorts of things with tiny little flowers! She had been to the charity shop and spotted some little white flowers and thought I could use them somehow! (everyone is on the look out for bargains for me)
Anyway i went to the charity shop not expecting much, but when i got there i was totally amazed!

Seven boxes packed full of delicate little white flowers! They match the flowers on my tiny bridesmaid dresses perfectly so i snatched them up!

I've asked my nan if she will dust off her glue gun and have a crafty day making pomanders for me!
Will post pics!
and whats best...£6.00 for all 7 boxes!

So all in all its been quite a productive money saving day!
Lets see what tomorrow brings!

p.s. blimey I said a quick post...what happened there!

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